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Sonntag, 20. März 2011

ANGLES & me - the lovestory


hello folks, its been some time since my last post but now i have something that will truely make you fall off your seats!

THE STROKES have published their new album "ANGLES" in germany last friday and of course (just like the last couple times they had a new LP out), i got it the first day it was in stores and it has now become my little gold treasure!
i know there are some other f*ckin great bands like Coldplay or Foo Fighters, that will have some new stuff out this year but i might be so brave to say,that "Angles" may be the best new record this year! 
note: having got THE style (as they proved several times already), the strokes got inspiration from m.c. escher and his optical illusions.

now please have your minds blown by checking out the fantastic Games & Machu Picchu and most importantly the so very very great Life is simple in the Moonlight.
i dont have no words for this! it might be love... 

nice spring everyone!

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