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Montag, 28. Februar 2011

et l'amour d' été

before final bed time, heres some inspirational shots. i really love the outfit of the girl on the fourth photo.

sources: facehunter, sartorialist, stockholm streetstyle

musique et l'amour 2.0

my days ALWAYS start with 1) music played on my stereo VERY loudly; 2) a cuppa coffee with a drop of milk, no sugar.
 to feed my morning music-addiction, i made myself a cd full of mindblowing sound i just finished! 
see my playlist of the moment above!
(you may enter any artist and title on youtube and you will surely find a studio version of the specific song!)
knowing, i (and probably my whole neighbourhood) will listen to this tomorrow after getting up, getting ready for work with the early sun shining down, makes me quiet happy! can't wait till nights over ;)

for night preparation, i'll continue reading this pretty good book by robert harris. have started reading it about one week ago and its always in my bag so i can grab it whenever i have some minutes off.
is there any better way to end the day than by reading an exciting book, maybe having hints of chilly music runnin in the backround? i don't think there is.

sleep well.

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

"lait lait lait!"

so its sunday night.

i like quiet music best, when i'm in bed, lying in the darkness; when i'm on my bike at night, riding through the streets of my hometown or walking through the forests around.
 for this matter, i need to show you this very underrated song!
if you're at home and it's dark outside, turn off the lights in your room (maybe with a candle on), take a look outta the window, see the city or the fields and play it loudly!

if you're into a good beat, you might like this one. it doesn't fit the "night mood" as good as the other one but still is very intense! its been on my stereo all weekend!
have a good nights sleep and dig the music everybody!

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

better than sex

is so incredibly HOT!! ive been goin nuts the last couple hours cause The Black Keys' music is so not real, i cant even explain it! i'll try to calm down and survive the night without waking up and looking for my ipod to feed my addiction of listening to their songs.
check them out here, here & here and become one happy kid! 
bonne nuit & ROCK N ROLL god dammit!

Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

comme la nuit

sound: mykonos

before i'm heading bed, there's some black favorites of mine, i would like to show you guys. have a good nights sleep or a nice day (depends on where you live ;) )

source: fashiolista

la neige

its snowing outside,therefore i'm heating it up a bit.

mouse me

 i always draw ideas for outfits before i wear them to see how they match. this is an idea for my college prom outfit. i'm thinking of a classical little black dress, accentuating the waist really nicely.
shoes and accessoires: nude plateau pumps, my apple necklace and simple silver rings i wear everyday.
there need to be bold shoulders on the dress or it might turn out sleaveless in the end.
& isnt way funnier making cute little animal sketches than just drawing human figures? :)

Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

musique et l'amour

my all time favorites Coldplay are in the studio, recording their fifth album. it will be out soon this year, no specific date yet. above: guy berryman (yummy ;))


the band will be headlining several festivals in europe,including Rock am Ring & Rock im Park. not yet sure if i should go, but i want to see them live again really really badly! the gig i went to was one of the best things i ever experienced so far, so this needs to be sorted. 
there's an interview, lovely guy and jonny did a couple of months ago,talking about their single christmas lights and the producing of the new album.

sources: coldplay.com, youtube

bits of art

saw some owls tonight.

source: tumblr

once upon a time.......

 next to my beloved coldplay-cup, there's several favorites of mine lying in front of my window. from top: history for college, high voltage tattoo by kat von d, austrian magazine 'woman', german magazine 'maxi', a tribute to LED ZEPPELIN.

this is what i grew up with and still am in love with today: MOSAIK by hannes hegen. those 3 guys experience the strangest and coolest adventures together and always find a clever way of saving their situation. i generally love cartoon books, but those can't be beaten by ANY superhero. legend!

Freitag, 11. Februar 2011

basics of my wardrobe: coats

 with waist belt and huuge hood, from zara.

huge men's blazer, worn as a coat, diy shoulder detail. from vintage. 

 detail: green pin from my great-grandmother.

warm cape with fur hood, from pimkie. 

favorite leather jacket with fur detail, from h&m

Donnerstag, 10. Februar 2011

pas mal pas mal!

picture two + five: my babies!!
sources: stockholm streetstyle, facehunter, weheartit, h&m


red hair! i've always adored my mums hair, she's a natural red head.well, unfortunately, i'm not. i've dyed my hair last year, been loving it since day one! it looks similar to the hair of the girl on the first picture now (but shorter tho)