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Montag, 21. Februar 2011

"lait lait lait!"

so its sunday night.

i like quiet music best, when i'm in bed, lying in the darkness; when i'm on my bike at night, riding through the streets of my hometown or walking through the forests around.
 for this matter, i need to show you this very underrated song!
if you're at home and it's dark outside, turn off the lights in your room (maybe with a candle on), take a look outta the window, see the city or the fields and play it loudly!

if you're into a good beat, you might like this one. it doesn't fit the "night mood" as good as the other one but still is very intense! its been on my stereo all weekend!
have a good nights sleep and dig the music everybody!


  1. Hat noch jemand der auf deine Schule geht einen Blog (nicht wundern, ist rein Interesse-mäßig) ?

  2. Dann anders, hat jemand den du kennst einen Blog?