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Montag, 28. Februar 2011

musique et l'amour 2.0

my days ALWAYS start with 1) music played on my stereo VERY loudly; 2) a cuppa coffee with a drop of milk, no sugar.
 to feed my morning music-addiction, i made myself a cd full of mindblowing sound i just finished! 
see my playlist of the moment above!
(you may enter any artist and title on youtube and you will surely find a studio version of the specific song!)
knowing, i (and probably my whole neighbourhood) will listen to this tomorrow after getting up, getting ready for work with the early sun shining down, makes me quiet happy! can't wait till nights over ;)

for night preparation, i'll continue reading this pretty good book by robert harris. have started reading it about one week ago and its always in my bag so i can grab it whenever i have some minutes off.
is there any better way to end the day than by reading an exciting book, maybe having hints of chilly music runnin in the backround? i don't think there is.

sleep well.

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